About Us

Our Mission

Levensloop seeks to be the Partner of Choice to every Organization for bringing Learning into real life Application. It would employ evolving Technologies to deliver effective Learning in this turbulent, uncertain and ambiguous world.

Advantage Levensloop

Digital Learning for
Real-World Application

Levensloop is a People Development & Performance Enhancement Consultancy for businesses in a VUCA world.

Levensloop interventions are designed to be at the core of your business. With this in mind, Levensloop- in partnership with its global partners- brings you world class Simulation based Learning tools to help your People enhance their Performance with clear impact on your Business Performance.

Business’ are facing a highly volatile and complex scenario. Rapid changes in Technology at all levels is leading to massive disruptions. Expectations of Consumers and employees are changing at a very rapid pace. The path is no longer defined in black and white, and the goalpost keeps on shifting. This puts enormous pressure on Organizations and their People to Unlearn and Learn.

Its Levensloop’s mission to help Organizations and their People to manage Change, so as to enhance their Performance in this turbulent, uncertain and ambiguous world.

For Organizations

Levensloop provides consultancy services in the areas of-


Digital Simulation based Training for Functional Excellence


Performance Enhancement Interventions in specific areas


Happier and more inclusive Workspaces

For the Gen Z

Levensloop has created cutting-edge programmes to create a successful and fulfilling Life. “The Stand Out Programme” is designed to help our High School students chose the right set of Subjects to study , where they can use their developed intelligences and learning styles to create a strong Career. The “Mastering Success Programme” bridges the gap between the Academic knowledge of the College and the demands of the Corporate world. It helps the young adult understand the 21st. Century Skills required to succeed in the workplace now. These will be key to their Professional success.

The Levesloop Programme in Schools

A well researched programme for the Teacher Educators in leading today’s classrooms. We believe that Teachers are the key to creating a more robust and innovative Learning environment.

You- at the Centre of our Interventions: Customized, Multi-Media, Multi-touch point. In step with the changing world.

Addressing the real life needs of businesses in different verticals of Industry, by using evolving new methodologies like Digital Simulation and Gamification administered by an outstanding Faculty.