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Levensloop is a People Development & Performance Enhancement Consultancy for businesses in a VUCA world.

Business’ are facing a highly volatile and complex scenario. Rapid changes in society and Technology at all levels is leading to massive disruptions. Expectations of Consumers and employees are changing at a very rapid pace. The path is no longer very well defined and the goalpost keeps on shifting. This puts enormous pressure on Organizations and their People to Unlearn and Learn.Its Levensloop’s mission to help Organizations and their People to learn anew, so as to enhance their Performance in this turbulent, uncertain and ambiguous world.

For Organizations, Levensloop provides L & D Interventions in the following areas :

Continuous learning, through the world’s best SaaS based eLearning solution. Great Content Solution and a World-class LMS platform with a mobile app.
Deep and iterative learning through a world class Digital Simulation in Agile Project Management, Sales Leadership, Strategic Business Leadership, and a range of other areas.
Game based learning through Global Business Games, both Digital and Physical games.
World’s finest Workplace Behavioral Assessment- for Talent Acquisition, Competency mapping, Talent Development and retention and Employee Engagement.
Leadership Development through Performance Coaching


In an age where everything else, including Technology, is available everywhere it is the People that make the difference.

Businesses are operating in a VUCA world. There is tremendous volatility and uncertainty all around. Rapidly emerging technology is adding to the complexity

Levensloop is a People Development & Performance Enhancement consultancy focused on helping Organizations, develop people and enhance their performance in this VUCA World.

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