Happiness @ Work

Employee Happiness and Engagement are at the heart of any Business. Can you think of a High performing Team with unhappy and dis-engaged employees?

Employee Satisfaction and Happiness are directly related to Customer Satisfaction.

In a volatile world Employees are searching for a higher degree of Satisfaction and Happiness. Highly competitive settings, growing levels of invasive attention are putting tremendous pressure on our People and robbing them of an opportunity to focus, absorb, listen, and be in sync with their Work and Life. Organizations are losing productivity to disengagement and alienation.

Our "Happiness@Work" Intervention is based on the Theory of Positive Psychology and Wellbeing Economics. It employs Activities, Assessments, Reflection, Analysis etc to derive its goals. Through specially designed Games and simulated activities a lot of cool Learning necessary for a progressive and High Performance workplace are achieved

Theory of Positive Psychology

The Impact

Break down Silos, create Collaborative work spaces and help employees find Meaning and Accomplishment in their Work. This directly results in Team Building and greater sense of purpose.
The deeper understanding of each other's Strengths help the People appreciate their Roles in an Organization better and enable Organizations form more productive and higher performing teams by putting people with complementary Strengths together needed to complete business tasks more efficiently.