Leadership Team

Mahalakshmi Rajagopal:?Head- Psychology and Wellness Practice

Mahalakshmi is an accomplished Psychologist, Behavioral Psychotherapist and Holistic Wellness professional, with over 20 years experience. She is a Masters in Social Work with Medical and Psychiatry from Madras School of Social Work and Masters in Psychology from Madras University.

She integrates Psychological techniques with various traditional Complimentary healing systems, Wellness and Psychotherapies that she mastered very early in life and which brings about lasting changes in the lives of individuals. She is a firm believer and practitioner of Wellness by Self transformation and Positive Psychology approach.

Her vast experience working with various NGO, and employees from the Government and the Private sector in India and abroad have led her to establish the Sahayam Intervention Centre at Dwarka, New Delhi. Her life’s work integrates conventional Psychotherapy and Cognitive Behavior Therapy with Complimentary healing systems. She has developed customised courses and workshops for adolescents and adults and same has been received very well amongst schools, colleges and Corporate world. She is accomplished in conducting various workshops on Women?s empowerment, Sensitization on POSCO act, Sensitization on Sexual harassment at work place, Motivation, Emotional Enrichment, Managing Relationship for better life etc. She has conducted many individual coaching sessions for Officers of the Defense Services and Corporate employees enabling them to unleash their inner potential.