Programmes for the Gen Z

Helping our Young Adults Succeed in Life

The "Stand Out" Programme

Every individual is unique.

Our GenZ is living in a very complex world. There is an abundance of everything including options, opportunities and data as well as competition, uncertainty and speed of change. Unlike the earlier eras where all of these were in short supply, the present day abundance is often a bane which they need to contend with.
While everything is available at the click of a button, hard work and perseverance is probably more important today than ever before.
While opportunities are all around them, the need to focus on a goal has not lost its relevance. With attention span shortening by the day, the need for greater capacity for analysis and absorption is felt more strongly.
For the Gen Z its absolutely critical to transcend the 'virtual world' around them and find 'real world' connects.
The Stand Out program is designed for tnis millenial generation.

The program will provide the Students with an increased Awareness of Self and of the World around them.Thus, making then stronger to play on their Strengths and succeed in building up a fulfilling Career.

Our aim: facilitate their transformation from a cocoon to a butterfly.

The Career Management Programme

"Mastering Success: Becoming a Career Champ"

There is a crisis of Employability What's missing are the Competencies required by the 21st. century workplace. The programme seeks to address this gap,

Levensloop has developed a detailed framework to inculcate these Competencies and instill these Skillsets and Attitudes. amongst our Graduate Students to enhance their success in the Corporate world.

This unique Programme is spread over the Study period. It is multi-Modal and employs different Techniques to impart deep learning for Life.

The Programme employs different Medias and latest Technologies to deliver the Outcomes to the Participants.