Levensloop in Schools

Levensloop in School Programme

In an ever evolving world of innovations and change Schooling and Education is undergoing significant transformation. The present influencers are technology and the expectations of the 21st century skills. Technology has changed the way we access, engage and share information and build knowledge.

5Cs and the E:
Critical thinking and Problem Solving, Creativity and Innovation, Communication, Collaboration, Citizenship and Entrepreneurship: are skill sets that equip you for a life in the new world.

The Stakeholders:
On the one end stand the educators, employers and parents, with their experience and expectations. On the other stands Gen Z for whom the idea of a world of technology is an ingrained thought. Both the Learner and the Teacher are looking to adopt, adapt and master these critical skills to explore their potential in a dynamic world. ?Engagement of All? and ‘Safe Environment to Learn’ are the two key components of all Learning. These are now at the centre of all Global and National Curriculum requirements. It leads to increasing Learner efficacy, which is evaluated in multiple ways and measures the teaching-learning gaps, while providing reasons and methods to close these.

Schools need to help their Teacher-Facilitators master the 21st. century Teaching-Learning skills through our Interventions


The Learner

Well Done Learner is a series of experiential workshops for Students which enables them to know and use the 21st Century skills effectively in their live’s journey.

The Educator

Well Done Educator is a series of workshops for Teachers, Academic Coordinators and School Leadership to equip them with essential skillsets and attitudes to teach and mentor the 21st century Learner. Well Done Educator Essentials deals with the subject specific challenges of the Learner and the Teacher in the 21st century context.