Safe Workspaces

Creating and promoting Inclusive and Safe Workspaces is a must for Businesses today

Work Place Diversity is growing by leaps and bounds. This includes Gender and Age, Racial, Linguistic and Socio-cultural diversities. This has brought in its own challenges of managing.

Organization's Culture, has a huge impact on the Organization's Performance
The fast evolving Social and Legal context provides a great Opportunity to businesses to establish Progressive policies and practices and create a strong Employer Branding as a desirable place to work. Creating a gender-sensitive and Discrimination-free work space is a must for creating long term sustenance of the Business. It is needed to create a desirable Positioning in the minds of the Consumers and other Stakeholders.

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The POSH Act makes it mandatory for Organizations with 10 or more employees to follow its Guidelines. What are the salient features and how does it impact your Organization? The questions to ask :

  • Do you have a well defined POSH policy?
  • Have you done the dissemination of the Policy adequately?
  • Have you formed the Internal Complaints Committee correctly?
  • Have you sensitized your employees as per plan?
  • Do you have an adept person to handle inquiries?
  • Are you submitting timely and standardized POSH returns?

Our 3 Planes of Work


Sensitizing the Organization at different levels.


Creating a suitable Policy document and its dissemination across the Organization.


Rehabilitation Policy and Guidelines for the Organization

Creating a Safe and Equal Workspace is of vital importance today. Please reach out immediately to help us help you.