Leadership Team

Director: The Schools Programme

Anna heads the Levensloop in Schools Programme.

Anna believes that the path to New Education begins with the Teachers. It?s the Teacher-Facilitators who must absorb and internalize the skills and the attributes that Students will need to succeed in the rapidly transforming world. The skills of Collaborative working, analytical thinking, Listening, utilizing their Character Strengths to win in the world around can be transmitted to the Students if the Teachers are immersed in them. She has used her Workshops to instill these new Skills in the Teachers.

She is a strong advocate of Learning for All. Learning must be at the Centre of the Teaching-Learning Process, both for the Teachers and the Students. Inclusive education is therefore a matter of Faith for her.

She is an Alumnus of the St. Stephen?s College, Delhi and the Jawaharlal Nehru University.

She is an M.Phil in History and has been a Teacher and a Teacher Trainer in her over 2 decades Career.