Simulation based Interventions

Learning through Gaming!

Levensloop has partnered with Axllearn, a Global expert in Simulated Learning, to bring unique Digital Simulation and Gamification based Training Interventions for business Expertise

Specialized Digital Simulations

Five specific and specialized Simulations
help deliver expertise in

Strategic Business Management

Sales Management

Project Management

Agile Project Management

Operations Management

Our Digital Simulations are unique. These Simulators are Algorithm based and do not follow a set 'Decision Tree' methodology. Hence, they are much superior as they mimic normal business life. They are not "Formula Driven" and the Participants cannot arrive at a superior performance in the Simulation just by finding a "Right Formula" for a specific variable-eg. Pricing, Advertising spend etc.

The Simulations make the Participants Execution ready in their business, by making them

  • Present a Strategy
  • Implement the Strategy

The Simulation Case study, Situations, Characters, Key Learnings are co-created and customized to suit your Organizational needs & processes. This helps in sharply bringing out the Key Learning Points for your business and make these interventions Application oriented.

Focus on
3 Critical Dimensions


People Management and Development


Process Optimization


Revenue management & Profit optimization

Objective of these Interventions : to develop Leaders in specific areas of Management,
ready to run Profitable businesses

  • #Simulations are product neutral
    and Industry Agnostic.
  • #They use industry agnostic principles
    regarding Customers, Staff, Quality, Safety.
  • #Drive Strategic thinking
  • #Make the Participants demonstrate ''Enterprise-wide initiatives'' to deliver the change foreseen by the Strategy.
  • Competency Improvement

  • Knowledge Improvement

  • Business Impact

Two times Brandon Hall Award winning Training Interventions

Delivered since 1985 to Top Global clients
including NASA, GE, Boeing, Schindler and many more.